About Me: Danielle Elizabeth, Bullying Prevention and Mental Health Advocate, Blogger, and Public Speaker

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Hi there and thank you so much for visiting my site! I'm so glad you're here! My name is Danielle and I'm out to make a difference in the world of bullying prevention and mental health awareness. 

After being bullied for so long in middle school and struggling with Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Social Anxiety Disorder my entire life then transferring to a new school and watching my life change for the better in a matter of two weeks, I realized that I was a victim of bullying for so long and I didn't want to be a victim anymore. I wanted to take this negative experience I had and turn it into a positive for others. I wanted to be there for others going through these similar struggles because I know how impactful it would have been for someone to come along when I was going through it and say "You're not alone, I'm here for you." With that, I decided to create a social media campaign, "Compassionately Inspired" and I started just posting inspirational quotes and messages hoping they would get out to someone who needs it and over the years, have grown this campaign into a personal blog and began publicly speaking about these issues and sharing my story with others because if it's one thing I learned in life and through my struggles, it's that everybody has a story.

In addition to blogging, public speaking, and my advocacy work, I'm also earning my bachelor's degree in psychology and volunteering as a Certified Crisis Counselor. In the future, I hope to continue growing and expanding Compassionately Inspired through blogging, speaking etc. and also further my education in psychology to be a mental health counselor or clinical health psychologist specializing in the deaf and hard of hearing population.

Thank you so much again for visiting my website and I hope you enjoy the content! Please feel free to like and follow Compassionately Inspired on all social media platforms as well or contact me at compassionatelyinspired@gmail.com


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